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    Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: The Meaning Behind This Wedding Objection

    While it's uncommon to hear "speak now or forever hold your peace" nowadays, the phrase once served an important purpose in medieval matrimony.

    When Is Mother’s Day—and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    Memorize this date, and don't forget to call your mom!

    What Knee Do You Propose On, and Why?

    Turns out, the explanation for this engagement tradition may stem from an actual knight in shining armor.

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    What Is Cinco de Mayo and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    The history of Cinco de Mayo dates back to a mid-19th-century battle fought in Mexico. Here's how it evolved into...

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    Can You Find the Hidden Objects in These Pictures?

    Challenge yourself with these optical brainteasers. If you're feeling super sharp, up the ante: 45 seconds for each puzzle. Game...

    51 Geography Quiz Questions People Always Get Wrong

    Even geography buffs are stumped by these trivia questions. How many can you get right?

    Food Quiz: 25 Questions to Test Your Culinary Smarts

    Hungry for a food quiz? Test your smarts (and your stomach) with some food-related trivia questions.

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    Why Is “Airplane” Also Spelled “Aeroplane”?

    The spelling difference is more than a matter of personal preference.

    How to Help Ukraine Right Now

    After Russia’s recent military invasion, Ukraine’s residents are in need of aid. Here are some quick and effective ways to...

    Why Is It Called a Hamburger If There’s No Ham?

    The iconic hamburger has a rich international history that's still up for debate.

    What Is a No-Fly Zone? And How Would It Change the War in Ukraine?

    No-fly zones have been used sparingly in history—in Iraq, Bosnia, and Libya—and Ukraine is asking for one now.

    The Hidden Detail on the Baskin Robbins Logo You’ve Never Noticed

    Can you spot the Baskin Robbins logo's clever "secret"?

    36 Hidden Messages in Company Logos You See All the Time

    What do Apple, Amazon, Baskin Robbins, and Toblerone have in common? They have hidden messages in their logos—here's what they...

    What Is Easter and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    Here's everything you need to know about what Easter is and how the holiday began.

    The Meaning Behind Your 50 Favorite Flowers

    From honoring rainbow-riding goddesses to warding off monsters, your favorite flowers have some fascinating stories behind their colorful blooms.

    90 Disney Trivia Questions Only True Fans Can Answer

    Whistle while you work...on this Disney trivia quizzer about Mickey and Minnie, Disney movies, and more.

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    April Fools’ Day: How Did It Start, and Why Is It April 1?

    The origins of the prank-lovers' favorite holiday are murky. In fact, it's possible that the entire concept of April Fools'...

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    When is Memorial Day 2022 and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    It's not just the unofficial beginning of summer. Read up on this holiday's meaning and history before Memorial Day 2022...

    Is the Pandemic Over? Here’s What the Experts Say

    Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, and there's reason for hope.

    Women of Ukraine Fight Back: How They’re Revolutionizing the Role of Women in War

    The Ukrainian women who opted to stay in the country during the Russian invasion have taken on a variety of...

    I Fled Ukraine—Here’s Why I’ll Definitely Go Back

    Ukraine will always be my home—and no Russian invasion will change that.

    How Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky Is Redefining Leadership for a New World

    Volodymyr Zelensky went from political comedian to political icon in a remarkably short time. And his unique skill set...

    15 Earth Day Facts You Should Know

    2022 marks 52 years since the first Earth Day. Here's what to know about the day that raises environmental awareness—and...

    The Complicated Ukraine-Russia War, Explained in Simple Terms

    As war erupted in Ukraine, many people wondered how things got to this point. Here, we break down Russia and...

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    50 Science Trivia Questions People Always Get Wrong

    If you can answer 50 percent of these science trivia questions correctly, you may be a genius.

    Pi Day: How Pi Was Almost Changed to 3.2

    Pi as we know it could have changed forever, thanks to a late 19th-century bill introduced in Indiana.

    This Is Why Your Skin Turns Green After Wearing Certain Jewelry

    The good news: there are still ways to wear your favorite pieces of jewelry.

    What Is Book Banning and How Does It Affect Society?

    The United States has a long history with book banning, and it’s not only picking up steam in 2022—it’s also...

    The History Behind 13 Popular Easter Traditions

    From coloring eggs to gifting baskets full of candy, here's the history behind your favorite Easter traditions.

    The Delicious History of Pizza

    Not only is pizza one of the most popular foods in the world, but it also has a fascinating history.