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    Cheer Up!

    17 reasons it's a great time to be alive

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    Are You Normal or Nuts?

    Our annual analysis of the quirks, tics, foibles, and zany habits that make us all too human.

    Study: Should Men Get a PSA Test?

    Yes, prostate cancer screening saves lives, but does the test do more harm than good?

    10 Tips for Finding True Love and Happiness

    In their new book Love for Grown-ups: The Garter Brides’ Guide to Marrying for Life When You’ve Already Got a

    The Road Ahead for Middle Class Families

    Being middle class is the very heart  of the American Dream. In practical terms, it's having a job (or two)...

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    The Psychology of Boiling the Perfect Egg

    Find out how to boil an egg based upon your personality.

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    7 Tips for the Best Sleep Ever

    Rock-a-bye baby You’ve done all the obvious stuff — cut out late-night caffeine, made sure your bedroom is dark and

    How to Deal With Negative People Who Bring You Down

    Negative people are an unfortunate fact of life but we can learn to react to them in ways that protect...

    How to Adjust to a New City You May Not Love

    Millions of Americans move each year, but not always by choice. Here's how to make the most of your relocation...

    How Do Prescription Drug Prices Rise So High?

    How does a drug go from $15 to $1,440 a dose?

    What You Need to Know About Tornadoes

    Why do some thunderstorms spawn deadly columns of wind while others simply leave us drenched?

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    5 Memory Boosting Secrets From a Police Sketch Artist

    How many times a week do we try to recall a fact that stubbornly eludes us, like where we put

    6 Nutty and Intriguing Discoveries

    These new prize-winning discoveries will surprise you.

    Tsunami Warning Signs You Should Know

    First, the ocean recedes dramatically from the shore, then the tsunami appears, looking less like a breaking wave than a...

    5 Eyesight Myths Dispelled

    Check out five common misunderstandings about how our eyes work.

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    Fake Happiness Can Bring You Down

    Fake smiles aren’t merely unconvincing—they can damage your mental health, says a new study in the Academy of Management Journal.

    Why We Kick Ourselves When We Feel Guilty

    The psychology behind that terrible feeling.

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    ADHD at School: How Parents Can Work With Teachers

    Tips from the National Institute of Mental Health for helping parents and teachers work together to ease the symptoms of...

    What Are the 12 Days of Christmas and What Do They Mean?

    The song has probably gotten stuck in your head a whole bunch, but have you given any thought to the...

    Veteran’s Day or Veterans Day: Which Is It?

    Or Veterans' Day, for that matter? On November 11, our country will honor veterans current and past. The only question: To...

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    Why Fully Vaccinated People Everywhere Still Need Masks Indoors

    The CDC recommends that vaccinated people almost everywhere wear masks in indoor public places. Here's why it's a good idea.

    Here’s Why Escalators Have Brushes

    Contrary to popular belief, escalator brushes are not actually for cleaning your shoes.

    This Is Why Golf Balls Have Dimples

    The dimples on a golf ball serve a greater purpose than just making it look cute—no ifs, ands, or putts.

    80 Powerful Black History Month Quotes That Will Inspire You and Move You

    Learning about Black History Month can be inspirational, and the quotes below are sure to move and motivate you.

    Here’s Why Women’s and Men’s Shirts Button on Different Sides

    Women's shirts have buttons on the left, while men's have them on the right. But it's not about which hand...

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    100 History Trivia Questions That Will Test Your Smarts

    Think you know a thing or two about the past? Put your smarts to the test with these history trivia...