You’ll Never Believe How Much Money People Paid for These Iconic Movie Props

They spent just as much on sports memorabilia, too.

How much would you pay to own your favorite movie prop? What about that dazzling costume that your celebrity idol wore? If you’re not lucky enough to steal props right off a movie set like the Harry Potter costume designer, you might have to fork over a couple million. 

A new infographic from reveals the celebrity memorabilia that fetched the most money from buyers. It also shows the year of each sale, as well as some of the lucky, wealthy buyers and sellers. Some of the items reside in museums now, but many went to a single individual! If your favorite stunning movie gown is a little (OK, a lot) outside your price range, you might have to settle for ogling it on a screen rather than in a fancy glass case in your home. (Start with these 9 movies you should totally watch just for the clothes.) Or perhaps these hefty price tags will inspire you to brush up on the habits that could make you a millionaire.

From dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn (here’s how she stayed so thin, by the way) to cars driven by Bond and Batman to game-making sports memorabilia, these are the 23 priciest pop culture purchases.


Meghan Jones
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